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Client challenge

As a retailer accepting credit cards, Sainsbury’s needs to be compliant with PCI standards and guidelines.

How did we help?

We project managed 3rd parties and led IT Processes for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). The 3rd parties included WAN/LAN provider, Store POS management, web hosting provider, calls centres, business partners where the brand is used and in-store concessions.

What we delivered

We developed approaches and plans to achieve compliance

  • Ensuring that PCI DSS is covered and the required certification is committed to by major suppliers, as part of the re-tendering processes
  • Ensuring that all business partners are addressing PCI compliance
  • Ensuring that IT teams undertake the required reviews and updates to their standards and procedures
  • Engaging with Legal and Procurement to ensure that PCI DSS becomes ‘embedded’ in procedures and built into standard contracts
  • Managing external consultants engaged to look into usage and management of user accounts for the various applications, through all technical layers

Benefits to Sainsbury's

Compliance to PCI DSS

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